Why Vistage?

Vistage Redding is part of the world’s leading business advisory and executive coaching network. It is designed exclusively for CEOs, business owners and key executives. Vistage combines the most comprehensive services, resources and a network of more than 21,000 expert leaders.

A 2015 analysis revealed that members who joined Vistage over the past five years grew their companies at three times the rate of average U.S. companies.Dun & Bradstreet Report, 2009-2014
Martin Flack, Vistage Redding, Executive Coaching

Turn to a trusted sounding board of
business peers for confidential advice,
accountability and results.

Vistage Redding and Your Vistage Chair, Martin Flack

Since 1957, Vistage has brought together successful executives from a broad array of non-competing industries into exclusive, confidential peer advisory groups. Guided by your Chair – an experienced leader with a passion for mentoring CEOs – monthly meetings with your Vistage group are an opportunity to solve your most pressing business issues with colleagues who speak your language. Your meetings connect you with business leaders who understand the challenges you face and can help you strategize, innovate and move your business forward.

Vistage Redding members benefit from private coaching sessions with your Vistage Chair, Martin Flack. Martin has years of experience as a CEO and entrepreneur with several successful startups. He enjoys practically empowering leaders to achieve the breakthrough they need in both business and life. In addition, Martin is an executive coach, international speaker and co-founder of two coaching networks.

Furthermore, Vistage members will also learn from the wisdom and experience of our expert speakers who we host regionally on a regular basis. Members also benefit from connecting online and in person with a worldwide network of more than 20,000 business leaders.

If you are a CEO, key executive or business owner, call 530.710.2609, email info@riverstonecoaching.com or go to vistage.com/MartinFlack.

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