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“Vistage may be the single best thing I’ve done for my personal development and our business. Most months a speaker presents advice for improving a business, e.g. marketing, technology, process improvement, recruitment and hiring, effective leadership, the future economy, etc. I’ve incorporated something from every one of these presentations into my business. In addition, the counsel of my Vistage Chair and my peer CEOs is so invaluable, I would not make a major decision without first consulting them.”

David Chamberlain
CEO, Kovars Inc.
Carmichael, California
Vistage member since 2014


“Vistage has been the absolute best return on investment I have ever had in business. Based on knowledge gained or connections from Vistage, I have made or saved 10 times what my Vistage fees were. For example two years ago, one input alone from my group gave me a  $156k tax credit.” I walk away from every group meeting or one-to-one coaching session with my Chair with information that impacts our bottom line or helps our company to run more efficiently. The end result has been making the right decision faster and saving money.”

Ross Clark
President, Ross Clark Material Handling & Ergonomic Solutions, Inc.
Rancho Cordova, California
Vistage Member since 2004


“As a business owner, I need to have accountability. My Vistage group gives me priceless counsel, networking support, great ideas and also the accountability. They always seem to ask the right questions. My Vistage group and chair have been instrumental in steering our company into safer waters. I will always be grateful for their help, caring counsel and the many friendships I have made.”

Dave Jones
President, Westcoast Painting, LLC
Renton, WA
Vintage member since 2012

A 2015 analysis revealed that members who joined Vistage over the past five years grew their companies at three times the rate of average U.S. companies.Dun & Bradstreet Report, 2009-20014

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